Thursday, February 21, 2013


We had some pretty cold nights with that last front and I'm hoping that's the last of our winter.  It sure messed up the azaleas....they look pitiful right now.
Three weeks ago the azalea's were gorgeous!

Do any of you use coupons?  I print some and I take advantage of store sales.  Did you know that most grocery stores have a card you can get?  Depending on where you are you can get coupons from their website loaded on your clipping!  It does mean you have to check before you head to the store.  You can also earn rewards such as money off your gas purchases.  With fuel getting more and more expensive this may be a good thing!  For the past couple of months I've been tracking my savings and with coupons and store savings I've saved enough for at least one lunch out a month...$30 or so.  I just wish I could find more coupons for produce, they're out there but few and far between. Of course the Sunday  paper has coupons also and this is where you can find restaurant coupons.  Who doesn't like eating out? Fast food and chain restaurants put out coupons to entice you.

I have found a local produce market, Viva la Verde and I'm enjoying their selection and affordability.  I concentrate on getting the locally grown and organic produce.  This week I'm getting organic celery, a pound of baby bella mushrooms (not local, but so very good!), a pound of green beans, a pound of tomatoes, 3 pounds of russet potatoes and a pound of beets, all locally grown and it will cost me just over $20...

Last month I tried a new Key Lime Pie recipe, I made it for Sonsearae's birthday when she and Chris visited.  It was a big hit!  It took month for me to gather all the ingredients again and I made another one yesterday.  Oh my!  We both love it and I know I'll make it again.  This time we have to eat it all!!!!  I'm thinking it's a good thing I have to drive to St Augustine for some of the ingredients!  It's all non dairy so for me that's great.....unfortunately it's still loaded with calories.  If you're interested in the recipe just check out the Mori Nu website