Monday, February 4, 2013

Staying put for awhile

If you keep up with us on Facebook you already know that we've decided to stay in Welaka for the next year or so.  We learned after we arrived that the owners were looking for office help but didn't want to train someone for just a few months.  So Jim talked with them and then we discussed it.  This will be good for us financially of course, but it will also allow us to explore this area in depth and hopefully see  family members who live in Florida...

This area is incredibly gorgeous.  Sunsets on the St John's River are beautiful and I've seen eagles almost every time we walk down to the dock. Our drives around the area take us past farm fields and orchards and it will be interesting to see the 'seasons'.  I know we saw some Texas Longhorns and we're trying to remember where so I can get pictures.

There are pros and cons about sitting in one place for so long.  One is I'm not near a Whole Foods store!  But I did discover an Organic Market in Crescent City just south of here.  I can pick up produce daily if I want to drive there.  But Viva la Verde buys local and regional produce and puts out a list every week and you can choose what you want and have it delivered, if you want.  I picked up our produce last Friday and I was surprised and pleased with what I got.  I will be dialing back what I order because it's way to much for the two of us.  We also have Walmart, Winn Dixie and Publix stores so we won't go hungry!

We did have to move to another that we're work campers....and I'm not pleased about that.  It's right next to the office, across from the pool and  fire pit.  Lot's of foot traffic that makes Boo bark and dust from the road. But, we'll move again when another site opens up farther away at the entrance to the property. Of course being this close to the office we will see everyone coming and going!

Our weather the past few days has been chilly.  Upper 60's or higher during the day and mid 30's at night. Lot's of sunshine!  I wonder how many of these cold fronts we'll have before the heat of summer settles in?

Jim starts tomorrow and he'll work 2 1/2 days a week.  Hope I don't have to much trouble getting him out of bed on those mornings!
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