Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovely Couple

This lovely couple has been seen in various spots around town....I'm not sure why they came into the town itself when the hatchery or someones field would be better!

These magnificent critters are Sand Hill Cranes. So named because they like the Sand Hills in Nebraska.  The Florida Sand Hills are on the endangered list.

Today we have overcast skies and it's still cool.  Overnight we had a gentle rain falling and I enjoyed laying there listening to it.  When your roof is only a few feet from your bed you hear most every thing that happens above you...rain is a nice sound

We see a lot of boaters on the river and Jim would love to get a boat....but I don't think that will happen!  No place to tow it once we hit the road again...

Yesterday was Jim's first day on the job and it was odd not having him around all day.  Of course he came home for lunch.  Since leaving the Rio Grande Valley we've been in each others company, day and night.  You know, I could get used to this!  :-)
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