Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Friends

Apparently when you write a blog it's a good idea to update it....often? Frequently? Daily?

Life goes on and our daily life isn't all that interesting.  We enjoy it but I'm sure it would be boring to my readers.  Jim worked three days last week training for his new position in the office.  So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had to myself!  Boo and I got along nicely, thank you very much!

Thursday evening was the gathering for pizza at the pool house.  It was raining buckets, so no fire....But we all enjoyed ourselves anyway staying under cover, eating good food and drinking free wine.  Bob and Beverly won the Super Bowl pool and treated us to some lovely wine.

Miss Linda is married to Dan

One of the Bills living here, he's a work camper along with his wife Becky

Bill, Becky and Linda sitting around the fire pit

Flippy is a well behaved moocher!  He claims Becky and Bill for his pack

The Azaleas are lovely and with the moss it really looks 'suthern'  :-)

Not sure what this white blossom is but spring is in the air around here

another eagle shot....they really don't get close enough to me!

We hear and see osprey every day

Friday we headed to Crescent City so I could pick up my veggies and have some lunch at a new restaurant.  Three Bananas is our kind of joint!  We had our meal on the screened in porch overlooking the Lake.  What we had was good, reasonably priced and we'll go back again.

Yesterday we drove to Flagler Beach and headed north on A1A.  Just a pleasure drive.  The skies were blue and the sun was shining...just right for a leisurely drive.  We did eat at a new rrestaurant, The Black Molly.  It's in a shopping mall and we'll head back there again.  We had three appetizers that were delicious! The two for one beer was nice too...

We stopped at Walmart to get a mount for the new TV that Sonsearae and Chris got Jim for his birthday.  Also made a stop at Diane's Natural Market to get me some much wanted coffee creamer.  I know we'll be back to shop there...

Then it was a leisurely drive home only to find out that we're having taco's for dinner at the pool house.  So around 1800 we headed over, dressed warmly...though he said he wasn't hungry Jim made a dent in the taco's!  I enjoyed some guacamole and chips.  We sat at the fire for a bit and when I heard Boo barking I headed home.  Jim stayed for awhile which gave me a chance to finish making the bed (clean sheet day) and shower.

Nothing on TV so we watched Netflix, a British mystery, Midsomer Murders.  In bed shortly after 2200...we miss some later network show by going to bed at this time. But we got used to this hour while living in New Orleans and I know for a fact that the shows will be on again!

Tomorrow Boo has a dental appointment...teeth cleaning and removal of some front today I have to bathe him and do some trimming.
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