Saturday, February 16, 2013


Are you familiar with these itty, bitty blood suckers?  I can't begin to tell you how many bites I have on my feet, ankles, lower legs and arms.  But mostly my feet!  Those little critters do not like me!  Where are they on the food chain?  I need to find something that will eat them.  If you have ideas on how to keep them from biting me, please tell me....I'll try anything.

Not sure if I showed you our new site.  Looks the same, only different!  We have a wooden deck and those &%)* no-see-ums still found me...We're right across from the pool and so far that's hasn't been a cool to swim!

Wednesday we tried a new restaurant, Woody's Bar B Q, not the worst we've had, but it won't bother me if we don't go back.  The onion rings had to much batter.  I tried the chicken and it was tasty if a bit on the dry side. On the table there were two sauces and neither one stood out.  Mixed they were ok.  The beans were tasty, we both enjoyed those.  I also had mashed potatoes and gravy but I didn't care for the gravy, it was to salty.

We use our phones for wifi and for the most part it's great.  This is what we use for Netflix and if the signal is good we can watch movies and shows without a problem.   Every now and then we do experience problems with streaming.  We can also use our iPads to watch and it works better on the tablet.

Thursday a cold front gave us some rain for our pot luck get together.  No matter, rain or cold weather doesn't deter those looking for good food and friends.  There was chili and clam chowder, key lime cheese cake and  a sheet cake.  Salads, pizza and you like watermelon?  I do and I bought a big one to share so if you need some, come on by!  I still have lots to share

Yesterday was Jim's 70th birthday.  He celebrated by washing windows, taking out the trash, fishing and a wee nap.  We also went out to dinner at Belle's Bistro in Crescent City.  First time we've been there.  We had Paella that came with a salad and Jim had an ice cream dessert (what else?).  On the way home we were treated to a lovely sunset.  Good way to end the birthday boy's day!