Friday, November 19, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun!

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes and I wonder how we fit so much into our days! Each passing day brings more folks to the resort and we still have some spaces to fill. By years end it should be filled to capacity.

Wednesday we had our first Margarita hour and even though it was noisy the crowd wasn't that big. These get togethers are interesting. It's for meeting and greeting but most everyone sits with their friends. We're supposed to bring a dish to share and depending on what's on sale at HEB we get repeat dishes, not many new items. This week we didn't have many sweets.

Yesterday we finalized the menu for Thanksgiving. There will be six of us sharing the meal. The resort does meal but we like the quieter gathering with our friends. Of course I may have a problem because the Saints will be playing Dallas and you know how I like the Saints!

the first squash blossom!
this little Admiral posed for this picture, he even hung around while I went inside to get my camera

Sunrise on this chilly morning, it was 46 degrees outside when I took this picture. Only 56 inside and yes, I do have the fireplace on.