Sunday, November 14, 2010

the day in pictures

Once again we had a chilly, cloudy start to the day. Doesn't happen often so I can handle it.
The only plans we had for today was a gathering of the work campers for a luncheon at the clubhouse. There are 20-25 of them and the managers Don and Jeni catered it. Rudy's BBQ and the food was tasty! Beef, sausage and pork along with slaw, potato salad, beans with onions, jalapenos and pickles. They also supplied drinks, beer,margaritas, soda and tea.

The winter season has started!

the front is moving through and we had a pretty sunset tonight

I love my flowers, don't know their name but they sure are pretty

looking northeast the palms are pretty against the darkening sky. Soon all those sites will be filled with winter Texans

Just heard Taps from the RGV Veterans Cemetery so I'll say good night