Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

First a wee bit of catching up. Last Sunday we had a date for lunch at BJ's Brewhouse with Marilyn and Ed Dray. When we pulled in they were standing there waiting for us and I must say it was nice to see our friends again. We've spent time with them in Colorado Springs the past three summers.

We each ordered flatbread pizzas and had a tall cold beer to wash it down. Mostly we enjoyed the conversation and just being together. They're staying at Llano Grande for the winter season so we should see them again.

Jim worked Monday and Tuesday getting the kayaks ready for paddling trips. Yesterday he just chilled most of the day reading or using the computer. I made a cherry apple pie and the cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving dinner.

This morning when I got up we had wind and cloudy skies. Soon the clouds cleared, the sun came out and it sure warmed up quickly. I had the turducken in the oven shortly after 0900. Then I got to work chopping and slicing the ingredients for the mushroom stuffing. Once I got the veggies sauteed I put everything into the slow cooker. Jim and I had to sample it for lunch around noon!

Because it was HOT and windy we had our dinner indoors. Anne recently purchased some new dishes and the clear glass looks lovely on my new tablecloth!

there were six of us, Anne and Scotty, Amy and Dan plus Jim and I.
Jim and I sat at the 'kids' table. :)

We ladies worked on our menu and each of us supplied several dishes and everything was tasty! Of course we had to much food but that's what Thanksgiving is for! Turducken, ham, mashed potatoes and two gravies, two cranberry dishes, carrots, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, some olives and artichoke hearts.

Three desserts! Anne made a mincemeat pie, Amy made a lemon bundt cake and I made a cherry apple pie.

Some of us had wine and most of us had seconds! It was a good dinner with good friends!

Boo didn't get to join us and I'm sure the wonderful cooking smells frustrated him. He didn't get to sample much of it!

Jim and I came home around 1600, fed Boo and I did the clean up and dishes. The Saints were playing Dallas and we watched the game and it came down to nail biting win for the Saints! Jim spent some time with other work campers decorating outside the office. I passed and apparently missed out on the eggnog
The day ended with a pretty sunset so I'll leave you with these pictures. I hope however you celebrated this day you enjoyed it. Jim and I have much we are thankful for, each other, our friends and our health. Not much more could we ask for!