Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Our weather has been bouncing around from crisp mornings to sultry days. I mention this because we have to check the overnight forecast to decide what coverings we need on the bed. Last night it was the quilt and in my case quilts.

Jim has had the past three days off from work and we've enjoyed out time together. Friday we dropped Boo off at the groomer and then we headed to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen that just opened up here in the Valley. We've enjoyed their food before so we splurged. Worth every penny but I'm glad it's a drive to get there as we don't need to go often! We both had appetizers, Jim had the Boudin and I had a cup of seafood gumbo. Of course we had beer and they brought French bread and butter. We probably could have left then instead of waiting for our lunch.

Jim ordered a shrimp po-boy which came with a half plate of fries. I opted for the grilled catfish on a bed of dirty rice and a side of rice with a seafood tomato based sauce. All of it was verrrry good! I brought home most of my lunch and Jim brought home part of his appetizer. Which we enjoyed last night for dinner.

After lunch we went to the Outlet Mall so Jim could find some sandals and we did! We hit several shoes stores and he found a pair in Skechers. Of course they were having a sale, buy one get half off another pair, so I found a pair. Even at that price we stilled paid a lot for two pair of shoes.

On the way home we got the call to pick up Boo so we didn't make any other stops. We arrived home, changed clothes and I had some coffee. The managers, Jeni and Don stopped by to tell Jim his shirts had arrived so he pedaled down to pick them up and found out he had a meeting at 1700. We had a good laugh because it was his idea to have happy hour with our friends and he missed out on some of the fun!

Amy and Dan, Pat and Vern, Jim and I (Boo too) joined Anne and Scotty for some good eats and drinks. Dan brought the Vita-Mix and fixins for the Margarita's, Vern always brings his beer in a cooler and Amy and Anne had moscato wine. Let's see, for food we had grilled hot dogs, pico de gallo and chips, I think there were two cheesy dips, fresh veggies and M&M's. Pat always supplies the guys with those chocolate tid bits.

Taps can be heard from the Veterans Cemetery and Friday night was especially clear, the wind was blowing just right. I had just taken down the flags when we heard Taps and coyotes! Day is done. But the party was in full swing. Jim arrived a short time later and we all sat around having a good time when Jim finally got chilled enough (he was wearing shorts) to head home. The rest of us were dressed more warmly! I picked up our stuff and joined him. It was almost 2000 so it was time to break up the party.

He showered using all the hot water and when I could I showered and then did the dishes. I made popcorn and we ended the day watching TV.

Saturday was another lazy day. I always have the daily chores of dishes and bed making, maybe some laundry. Anne and I went shopping. We stopped at TJ Maxx and then HEB for milk and bread, etc. Jim had gone out to Academy Sports and arrived home just after me.

We had coffee on the patio enjoying the breeze and chatting. As I said earlier we had leftovers for dinner and the dishes were just as good the second time around.

The moon was brilliant rising in the east and I spent a lot of time taking pictures of it
Sunset was pretty but no clouds

this was my last shot of the day and if I do say so myself, it turned out spectacular!
Today we're having lunch with the Drays! We haven't seen them since Colorado Springs and it will be fun catching up with them.
Jim goes back to work tomorrow, I will miss our time together. I sure have enjoyed this weekend with him!