Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall day

It was quite breezy and cool when I got up this morning. Even the flamingos were cuddling!

My guess is a front is passing through which is making it nice and cool for me. By 0820 the temperature had dropped 3 degrees from 62 to 59. Still 70 in the house and the blueberry muffins that I baked made the house warm and toasty and it sure smelled good too.

Last night we had attended a gathering next door that included the Anne and Scotty, Pat and Vern and Amy and Dan. First time this season that all four couples had happy hour together and we had a lot of fun!

Since it was an impromptu get together the food wasn't elaborate but the wine and beer flowed freely and by 1930 when we started towards home no one was ‘unhappy’ if you catch my drift!

Jim and I went out to lunch today enjoying soup, salad and mussels at Olive Garden. Since it was a cool day soup sounded real good to me. This is one of our favorite meals. I must say I stuffed myself but everything was so good!

We stopped in at Barnes and Nobles on the way home but we didn't stay long. Once home we just stayed in and spent quiet time together.

Dinner was BLT's and now that the sun has gone down we're sitting in front of our computers while watching TV.