Thursday, November 4, 2010

party party party

Sometimes I think we party to much. I actually drank to much and blanked out a few nights ago at happy hour with friends. We skipped the Halloween Party which was the next night. Last night we went to dinner at Cheddars with 5 other couples and celebrated Carol Reeves birthday. The main reason for going there are the Pina Colada's. Served in a huge glass rimmed with honey and toasted coconut and slice of pineapple. Most everyone had this drink, to sweet for me.

The prices for food at this restaurant are very reasonable! As usual the servings are way to much and we brought food home. My biggest complaint about the restaurant was the air conditioning, it was way to cold.

We had a good time visiting with our table mates, Anne and Scotty, Diana and John, Carol and Fred. At another table sat Carol and Gordon with Pat and Vern. Not sure why they seated us this way.