Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who Knew?

We've just been hanging around the resort and for myself I'm just staying cool inside. The afternoon temperatures have reached 90 or so and with the humidity it's to hot to go outside.

Jim has kept busy with chores inside and out. He had to clean out the truck because of a resident mouse. I think we brought it here from the last campground! Anyway, he took everything out of the cab and found where the critter was nesting and then placed a trap. Overnight the mouse took the bait and no more mouse!

I've been taking pictures around here and I've included some of them. Hope you like them!

actually I tried to take a picture of a butterfly but he flitted as I snapped and all you see are pretty flowers.

It took this little gal a day or so to find the feeder, but she's been back daily to entertain me

Early yesterday evening I discovered a herd of deer moving through the campground! Who knew they were here? They didn't care much for me getting to close but I managed to take quite a few shots before the vanished back into the trees

it was fun watching the little ones frolic and chase one another

This is the one that sounded the alarm and stayed while the rest bounded off to safety