Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Spring, Texas

We left Amarillo under cool, clear skies this morning. Around 0900! We had a long drive and we left a little early

This Grasshopper was in a compartment and we left him behind
I know I haven't been writing, didn't want to be a downer. The wash machine still doesn't work and getting it off of the slider is proving to be difficult. They put it there for life. But in order to see inside we need to take the back off, so it has to come off the slider.
We did buy a new faucet for the kitchen sink. It needed replacing a long time ago and it looks good. But the leak is still there and the fittings need to be soldered. Hopefully tomorrow when we get to Kerrville.
Our drive today was mostly through farm land. A lot of cotton fields with just a hint of cotton showing. We also saw some flooding. The farther south we drove the more clouds we saw. I assume from Hermine as she dumps rain over central and eastern Texas.
Twenty miles from our destination we had some sprinkles and then some rain. Jim had to set up in the rain. It was a gentle rain but he got wet. We set up and relaxed while the rain passed. We needed fuel so we went to Walmart and diesel was $2.79.
Our sunset tonight was pretty.

I finished reading Map of Bones by James Rollins. If you liked DaVinci Code you'll like this book! Very fast paced and good who done it.