Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By The River RV Park and Campground, Kerrville, Texas

We were packed up and ready to go just before 0900! It was going to be a long drive and we wanted to get away early. Well that didn't happen. The truck wouldn't start and we ended up call our emergency road service. They were out pretty quickly and fortunately it was just a battery problem. Once they started the truck we didn't turn it off until new batteries were installed in Kerrville!

We finally got on the road around 1100 and the skies were gloomy. Of course I like driving with clouds, not as hot in our black truck.

As we left Big Spring on Highway 87 we saw a lot of Wind Turbines, miles and miles of them.
As the afternoon wore on we had more and more sun but the clouds never left us. We did not have any rain. We made a couple stops for lunch and stretching. We pulled in about 1545, long drive and we were both glad to be here! As I walked into the office I smelled something wonderful cooking! A sign out at the street said tamales available at the office. I ordered some for dinner.
We quickly set up and once Jim was done outside he headed out to get batteries. Our poor truck had been running for hours. By 1730 Jim was back and enjoying a cold beer with his tamales.

These ducks are the official greeters here. They wandered over while we were setting up.

the view from the back of our rig. It's a fork of the Guadalupe River and across the causeway is tent camping. We were here a couple years ago and it looked the same then so there isn't a rise in water here as there is east of here. Hermine sure dumped a lot of rain!