Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot and Humid Here

This morning we did laundry. They only have two wash machines here so I walked the first load up the hill only to discover both of them were in use. So I stayed so I'd be next in line. I spent that time going through the coupons discarding the expired ones and keeping a few for myself.

While I was gone Jim was busy doing the breakfast dishes and putting the shelf he built under the sink. Now it was my turn to put everything away. It looks so neat and tidy now!

Time for another load of laundry but this time I drove up with a load bringing the first one home to dry. At $1.25 a load to wash I wasn't about to pay to dry them. Brought the sheets home to dry and Jim went back to get the second load taking his rags down to wash.

Time for lunch, then Jim headed back to pick up his rags. After lunch Jim did the dishes!

We spent the afternoon drying everything that had been washed and watching movies. It was James Garner time on AMC. We watched Support Your Local Sheriff, Support Your Local Gunfighter and Maverick. All funny movies!

For dinner I fixed spaghetti and we had bread with olive oil dip. After dinner Jim did the dishes again! Thanks honey......

I fixed some fried apples for dessert and this time I did the dishes. Presently we're watching another movie, Wild Wild West with Will Smith and Keven Kline.