Thursday, September 9, 2010

It was a busy morning. I got up after 0730 and got Jim up at 0800. We were drinking our coffee when the plumber called and Mark showed up just before 0900. He worked on the pipes under the sink and even tied the sink filter into the ice maker.

After he left I made us some breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and cantaloupe, we were hungry! I did the dishes and discovered the leak was back. Another call and they said Mark would be back.

Meanwhile the house was a mess. A lot of stuff was tracked in and Jim started cleaning. I walked to the office to pay for our tamales (they were so good!) and by the time I got back our house was tidy again. We got the call from the Sears repairman, he was here!

He started the washer, filled it with water and declared it was the transmission and it would cost half the price of a new one to repair. He suggested we buy a new one. So that’s what we’ll do. And he didn’t charge us for the service call!

Jim got busy searching the Sears website and found a washer just like the one that we have. So we know it will fit. They will deliver it, soon I hope! After a lunch of Tuscan Bean soup Jim got busy pulling the wash machine out of the closet. He wanted to make sure the space was clean. We both manhandled it out of the rig. Then Jim relaxed with a cold beer, he sure earned it!

it needs a wash machine
Anyone need this for parts?
We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and for dinner Jim grilled chicken and steaks while I made some sweet potato chipotle fries and heated some beets. It was pretty tasty washed down with a glass of wine.
Now it's time for the NFL opening game with the Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints!