Friday, September 24, 2010

Corpus Christi, Texas

We left San Antonio around 1000 this morning and after one stop for lunch we arrived at NAS Corpus Christi around 1300. We drove under mostly cloudy skies and even had some sprinkles but could we get clouds to cover us? Nooooo we drove with the sun on us and it was getting uncomfortably hot!

We set up and while Jim sat outside and enjoyed his beer in the shade, with a breeze, I stayed inside and enjoyed my beer in the cooling air conditioning.

I was watching my soaps when Jim came in and showered then took a nap.

For dinner we had tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs. As I started working on our dinner I noticed water on the floor....So, once again we cleared all the goodies out from under the sink and discovered the drain pipe had come apart. The mess is cleaned up and some of the goodies have been put away. We're waiting for the floor of the cabinet to dry before we put the rest away.

After dinner we strolled the campground getting rid of our trash and walking Boo.

We have jackrabbits here and I'll probably get more pictures
entrance to the campground

the sites here are very nice with cement slabs and a picnic table and lots of space

we do have access to the water and sort of a beach

Corpus Christi across the bay


another shot of the bay