Monday, March 9, 2009

We're enjoying ourselves to much to blog!

On Friday afternoon we went with Anne and Scotty to Progreso one more time for a dental checkup. In and out real quick. We stopped at Estero Llano Grande State Park in Weslaco because we've never been there! The only picture I have is the one above. Obviously it's spring and plants and trees are blooming. I've no idea what tree this is, but the blossoms are full of pollen. It had no scent. My small camera doesn't zoom very far so I couldn't get shots of the white pelicans, egrets, herons, ducks, turtles and gators. We saw two gators that were about 12 feet long. We didn't stay very long because it was hot and dusty. You really need to go earlier in the day.
On the way home we stopped at a dollar store and then it was off to Pizza Hut. We were hungry and thirsty! Each couple got a large pizza and only took 4 pieces home.

Once home we went to our separate rigs. Jim and I sat out for a bit enjoying the breeze. The skeeters chased us in.

On Saturday we needed to go back to the flea market to pick up our new screen. For this trip we drove and Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty came with us. Dave needed something at the flea market and suggested we check out a BBQ restaurant in San Benito. We didn't stay long because the wind was beating us to death with sand and grit. We ladies were getting our hair mussed!

Anne was looking good before we left!

Once we left the flea market we headed east to San Benito to find The Longhorn Cattle Company BBQ and Steak House. Since we had to go through Harlingen we stopped at the Iwo Jima Memorial out by the air port. It's the same size as the one in Arlington, Virginia and we were all impressed.

After spending time at the monument we loaded up the truck and headed east once more. We almost drive right past the restaurant. Doesn't look like much but the food was excellent!

Dave and Jim are solving the worlds problems while Karen listens.

Scotty loved the bean soup!

Most of us had ribs, half had some brisket too. Karen had smoked turkey. The BBQ dinner came with slaw, potato salad, the bean soup, slices of onion and pickles and a slice of bread. We all agreed the prices were good. These Hibiscus were outside the restaurant. Also out back were some longhorn cattle but again my camera doesn't do very well with far away shots, so no pictures.

Once we navigated the long drive home we were all ready to call it a day. Each couple headed for their rigs after saying good night.
Jim and I showered and decided to watch a movie, how fitting that we watched Flags of our Fathers! It's all about Iwo Jima and the Marines who raised the flag.
Sunday found us sleeping until 0900! I guess we were tired and with the time change we just slept late. Jim had to make a trip to Walmart for more fittings for our screen. I went with him and picked up a few grocery items. Once home we had pizza for lunch. Our freezer isn't big enough for a large pizza so when I shop early enough I bring one home for immediate consumption.
Jim still needed some stuff so he headed out to Camping World after eating and I turned on the AC and watched Mists of Avalon. Once Jim came home he started working outside getting our screen 'room' set up. Scotty came over to watch/help and Anne followed. I went out and joined them. It was nice sitting on the patio with our friends enjoying our cold drinks. They left around 1800 and Jim tidied up outside and I came in to shower. I also resumed watching my movie while he showered.
At 1900 we turned on HGTV and watched the RV 2009 show. Then it was back to my movie, it was a three hour program but I did finish watching it!