Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday at home

Can't say I did much yesterday, didn't even go outside much. It was real foggy when I got up and it stayed cloudy and pleasant all morning. I did some tidying up, like putting away things and sorting through books. We're hitting the road in a couple weeks and I'm stowing things in their proper places!

Anne and Scotty are going to Florida also so we're going to travel together. The stops have been picked and reservations have been made. But I'll keep that a secret for now! You'll just have to read about it when I post it here.

Jim made a trip to the bike shop because I needed new cable for my brakes. Scotty went with him and they stopped at Home Depot and HEB and Marble Slab for ice cream!

I watched my soaps and then went outside to read. About this time Jim came home so I didn't get to read much. We both ended up next door and we all had cold drinks but no snacks. Just a liquid happy hour. :)

Back home I fixed chicken kabobs for dinner. We watch NCIS, Dancing with the Stars and SVU. We slept with the windows open and Boo is getting better about it. He only barked a few times right after we went to bed. But this morning before I got up at 0800 he was grrring the noisy walkers....

We're about to have lunch with Karen, Dave, Anne and Scotty then we're off to another visit with a doctor. This time Jim is having his shoulder looked at.