Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping with Anne

Yesterday we had no plans! How can this be???? We've been to and froing for days now.

After doing the normal morning chores of making the bed and doing the dishes I had planned to chill and watch my soaps. Jim was outside putting the finishing touches on our screen and I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that we bought fuel and it was $1.86! we like it dropping in price!

While I was watching my soaps Anne came over and asked if I needed anything from the store. Couldn't think of anything at that time, but a few minutes later I remembered I needed soy milk. So I decided to go with her. All in all we went to Sally's, Target, T.J. Maxx and HEB.

I found some patio lights at Target. I figured as long as we had a nice screened patio we needed lights!

At HEB we picked up our groceries then headed home. Jim had been busy clearing away some weeds he was tired of looking at. I have to admit the spot looks a lot better!

The guys were having happy hour without us so as soon as we put the groceries away we joined them with some delicious wine we discovered. Woodbridge Robert Mondavi Moscato Bianco....YUM! I also set out some 7 layer dip and chips.

Around 1800 we came inside and I did dishes, fixed dinner and at 1900 watched Dancing with the Stars! I love that show!