Friday, March 27, 2009

Time passes so quickly!

Monday we had some winds gusting to 30+ mph. Our small awning with the darker screen did well. No problems with it.

Tuesday we went to a burger joint that we'd heard about. Dave and Karen, Scotty and Anne plus Jim and I drove over to Donna. Had no trouble finding the place. It's not much to look at but inside you can smell the grease. Jim said he could eat one so I ordered one of my own. Anne and Scotty split one although Anne only had a bite. Kare ate about a third of hers and Dave could not finish his, leaving maybe three bites. I ate half of mine and Jim ate three quarters of his. We also had onion rings and fries that we didn't finish.

This is my burger and it's about 6 inches across but it's also thicker, like three burger king burgers. I can't begin to tell you how greasy it was. We all agreed that once was enough!

Needless to say we didn't have much of a dinner. For happy hour we had chocolate martini's. Karen brought them down and I must say they were quite tasty. I'm sure those along with the burger fulfilled our caloric needs for several days!

Wednesday I went shopping with Anne, I needed to pick up some ribs for our get together Thursday. Along with Karen we hit several stores before we stopped at HEB. We have a good time together and once we part ways I'll miss these ladies.

Thursday I was up early to get the ribs in the slow cooker. Went shopping again! LOL Anne was heading to Walmart and I needed to charge a card up for fuel. Karen joined us and we were in and out quickly.

Back home my ribs were smelling good! We borrowed a table from the Scott's and Jim helped get the table set. With 6 people I had to break out my 'good' china so I could have enough place settings! Also asked Anne to bring her own silverware. Fulltimers generally have 4 place settings....

Anne made potato salad and Karen brought a homemade apple pie and ice cream. At 1300 we sat down to ribs, potato salad and ice cold sangria. after we ate our fill we then proceeded to eat pie with ice cream. The temperature was around 90 with a slight breeze so it wasn't to bad. But after an hour or so we all split up and headed inside to cooler temperatures. Jim took a nap!

Today Boo had an appointment at Dapper Dog in Mission. We had him groomed and most of his hair is gone. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

Jim and I had lunch at The Blue Shell. I had the avocado salad and he had a shrimp dish. we both liked our meal.

Once home I stayed indoors as the temperature kept rising until it reached 101. Even Jim stayed in most of the afternoon. He did venture out, going next door to check the progress on Scotty's boat.

In a few days we'll be leaving the RGV. Our resort is getting empty. Tomorrow is the farewell pancake breakfast and I think that's the last event for us.