Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another trip to Progreso

After lunch yesterday we went to Progreso with Anne and Scotty. But first we had to make a stop at the flea market to pick up our screens and some bungee cords for Dave. There was a problem with it and we ended up leaving without the screen, hopefully it will be ready Saturday. So we were in and out real quick! So off we went to Mexico and Scotty's appointment.

While Scotty was visiting the Dentist the three of us went shopping. Well not exactly, we mostly looked. I did by some meds for Boo. Mostly we just looked at jewelry and ceramics. Jim was mostly bored I'm sure. As we were wandering around we ran into Dave and Larry who were looking for Karen and Larry's wife (forgot her name!). After we spoke for a few minutes they left and we continued on with our stroll. A bit later we ran into all four of them.

Once back at the dentist office we only had a short wait and Scotty was ready to leave. On our way out we stopped and got a bottle of rum. Once across the border we paid our taxes and we were on our way.

Since it was so late we stopped at Little Italy for dinner. We've heard good things about the restaurant from several people, Anne and Scotty included. Everyone is right! I had Tuscan Shrimp, Jim had the meat lovers special and we shared a bottle of wine with Anne and Scotty. We had a good time with good friends and had a very good meal.

Once home Boo was very glad to see us! Fed him dinner and Jim and I showered, watched a bit of TV and went to bed around 2200..

Neither of us slept very well. We had the windows open and Boo had slept all afternoon so he was intrigued by every noise and let us know. I was us just after 0700 and Jim was up by 0830.

After breakfast and morning chores I went to Walmart with Anne. I didn't need much but ended up with a couple of bags of food. Came home had some lunch and then Anne and I were off to get haircuts. I've needed one for quite some time! She took me to Lisa's and in no time at all we both had shorter hair and it only cost 8 bucks....

We came straight home and once I checked emails I changed clothes and headed outside to read. Jim joined me for a bit, then Anne and then Scotty came over. Around 1700 we decided to have pina coladas and shortly thereafter Karen and Dave arrived to round out our happy hour. Karen brought some seafood salad and crackers so we set the table for snacks. Anne brought over some chips, salsa and guacamole. I added more crackers and dishes to the mix and we had some good laughs and conversation until the skeeters chased us indoors.

Now I'm all cleaned up watching CSI and wondering if I should get a bite to eat!