Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Patio

As promised here are a couple pictures of our patio set up. The above shot is our old screen attached to the back awning. As you can see it's to wide so it's wrapped around the end pole. So far it's working our good. But we haven't had any winds over 20 mph, we're not sure how that will work. In case you're wondering, that object in the lower right is our covered kayak

This is our main patio with new screens and struts on the awning to withstand all the high winds we have here in Mission, Texas. We don't have to raise this awning when the winds are blowing 25 mph. It's anchored down, tied and strapped in for the duration!

We were up shortly after 0800. Again last night we had the windows open and Boo heard things he needed to bark at. At least it didn't go on for a long time. After breakfast I stripped the bed and started washing the sheets.
I had a movie to mail so I jumped on my bike and headed to the mail box. what a beautiful morning for a ride! So I started home but had to stop to watch a gazillion turkey buzzards flying over! Not sure where they were coming from but they just kept coming and coming. Some circled, riding the thermals. Once home I convinced Jim, Anne and Scotty to come out to play, I mean ride. So we put the carrier on for Boo and we took off for Bentsen State Park across the road from our resort.
We did about 5 miles and the breeze was wonderful. We didn't see many birds but we heard them! It was a great way to start our day. On the way home I snapped the picture of the yellow flower above. The flower looks like a big poppy...
Once home we chilled a bit and changed clothes for a trip to Harbour Freight. But first we needed some lunch! Applebys has a good lunch menu and we all had a combo lunch. The guys had salad and sliders while we ladies had soup and salad.
Then it was off to Harbour Freight! I'd never been, Jim says he's seen catalogs. So we explored all the nooks and crannies and found some stuff we needed. Saw a lot of things we wanted but didn't need! :) Once our items were paid for we went to Joe's for ice cream. Well everyone but me.
Once home Anne added cabbage to the corned beef that had been cooking all day in the slow cooker. I watched one of my soaps and sorted some beads into their new home (a small tool box from the HF store). Around 1700 both Jim and I were outside chillin with a cold drink. Shortly thereafter Anne and Scotty came over and we talked for awhile. We heard the coyotes howling when taps played.
Since it was taking longer than we wanted to wait Anne finished cooking the cabbage in the microwave and we sat down to dinner on our patio. Boy was that corned beef and cabbage good! It also had some potatoes, carrots and onions. We all stuffed ourselves!
After dinner we went inside and I cleaned up the dishes, Jim walked Boo and took the trash and recyclables down to the trash area.
Not much on TV tonight but I'm watching NatGeo and Jim is playing a game on his puter. We've had a good day with our friends and tomorrow should be even better, We're going to Mexico for Winter Texan day!