Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Our new sign!

Sunset Christmas Eve

What a beautiful day to go shopping! :)

We needed to make a run to the Don-Wes flea market to pick up our window screen. We'd ordered it before we got sick and we didn't want them to wonder about our picking it up. Not a lot going on at the flea market, some booths were closed. But we wandered the stalls, picked up our screen and watched as our new sign was being made. It has a yellow rose and a Boo bone!

By this time I was hungry so we headed east to Mercedes and the outlet mall. Had a nice lunch at Chili's and then joined the other shoppers at this outdoor mall. It was beautiful wandering around in the fresh air. I found a new pair of walking shoes at New Balance and we looked at truffles at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory but didn't buy any!

We have friends in Mercedes and I want them to know I thought of you and visiting. But we're both still coughing and didn't want to pass anything on to ya'll. We'll get together soon!

After we left the mall I needed to make a stop at HEB for milk and eggs. I'm baking gifts and needed to restock. Jim dropped me off and headed to Home Depot. That grocery store was packed! I'm so glad I only needed a few items, I was in and out quickly. I gave Jim a call and soon we were on our way home.

Once home I changed into shorts as it had warmed up. We just chilled and enjoyed the rest of the day. This picture is of the sunset.....a beautiful ending to a gorgeous day in the Valley.

We watched Hamish Macbeth from Netflix and had popcorn. Life is good

I hope your Christmas day is filled with family, food, fun and friends.

Merry Christmas everyone!