Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barnes and Nobles

Another cold day yesterday. So rather than stay home we headed to the book store! Great way to spend an afternoon, reading magazines and having coffee. Didn't buy any books though I could have! I love books. But I have plenty to read and Jim would pitch a fit if I bought more.

We also stopped at Texas Tractor Supply, I'm looking for a peanut butter feeder. But they didn't have one. Maybe Jim can make me one. I remember the Kiskadees loved the feeder our neighbors had last year. We've been to sick to put out food for the birds. But the hanger is up!

Once home we didn't do much, light supper and tv watching. We had two boxes of mail and had fun opening them. One was from Sonsearae and contained gifts for all of us. The other box was our Escapees mail which contained a gift of pecans. There's only two days left until Christmas, if you haven't gotten us a gift don't forget we can use gift cards!

I think we're mostly over this cold but we sure tire easy and we still cough a lot.