Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Spanish Moss
Can you see the Jay?


Green Jay

What a wonderful day we had. We both slept in a bit and when Jim got up we had breakfast of hot biscuits. Then we opened our presents from Sonsearae. She sent us goodies that we like, Starbuck coffee for Jim, Tazo tea for me, some shortbread cookies for the both of us. YUM! She also sent Boo some treats and Fleur De Lis coasters. I also got Jim a spa treatment because he deserves it. He's a good man and I love him.

We had antipasto for lunch and sat outside under the awning. The weather was perfect! The temperature was about 80 with a light breeze.

After lunch we went for a ride over in the state park. According to Jim we did about 10 miles. These pictures are from the park. Anne and Scotty joined us and we had a good time riding and walking the trails. It was afternoon and not many birds were out and about but we did see Kiskadees, green jays, chacalachas and javalinas.

Once home we both enjoyed a cold beer! First we've had in a long while and it was tasty. Jim had a ham sandwich and I had soup for dinner. TV and puter games ended our day.

I realize this isn't a tradtional holiday day. But we were together and that's all that matters to us. We hope your day was spent with loved ones doing whatever it is that makes you happy.