Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cloudy Days

Monday started out sunny but more and more clouds moved in and by noon it was mostly cloudy.

Jim is working and I am too, kinda...Laundry is almost done and I worked more on updating my blog.  I'm still trying to learn how to add pictures.  I've noticed some folks on blogspot have a picture at the top of their page as part of their title or above it.  I'll take any advice and help you want to offer.

The cloud cover got heavier and by 1500 they covered the sky. But no rain so I guess that's good.

It never did rain and the rest of the day was good, just cloudy.  I made blt's for our dinner and afterwards we both showered and got settled in to watch the Saints beat the Dolphins.  Unfortunately we both went to bed at halftime!  So we didn't know the final outcome of the game until the next day.

Tuesday started cloudy too but we never did find any rain, just where it had rained.  Jim had a doctor's appointment in St Augustine at 1100.  So we had waffles for breakfast and a slow morning of getting ready.  A stop at the post office to mail a couple books and we were on our way.

He was in and out of the office before 1100!  That doesn't happen often....then we hit a couple stores, Bed Bath and Beyond and Michael's.  Then we headed to the beach for some lunch.  We tried a new restaurant:

Typical Pub Grub, Jim had shrimp tacos and I had fish and chips.  Mine was a bit greasy but tasty

After lunch we again headed to the beach and stopped in at Anastasia State Park.  We've been wanting to get a Florida State Park Pass since we got here and now was our chance.  For a non-resident it costs around $120 but there is a discount for military members of 25%.  A bargain if you like to spend time in state parks.  But what we didn't know was there is no charge for Disabled Vets!  Can't beat that price...

We drove around the campground and all of the sites are very nice.  Lot's of trees and privacy in most of them.  Not to many that will fit our big rig and the brochure says nothing over 40 feet.  This time of year there weren't that many campers.

Still have some wildflowers in bloom

the sea oats were looking a bit bedraggled

Northwest we could see the St Augustine Lighthouse

As we were leaving we came across this tortoise munching some grass.  As soon as I got close he froze up

Our drive home was an easy one, it's only an hours drive.

It was an NCIS night on TV
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