Monday, September 30, 2013

Lovely Weather Day

Sunday was a beautiful day.  No rain, temperature was just about perfect

On my walk I found some trimmings left by the side of the road and brought home some purple berries

As you can see they look nice placed with the cypress needle fronds (leaves?).  The M's are breaking out in blooms

Jim worked and I spent the day mostly on the computer.  I'm trying to update my blog.  How do you like what I've done so far?  Yay or Nay?   Also did some laundry, it's one of those never ending chores.  I watched Eli and the Giants lose badly.  And when Jim came home we watched his bother Peyton (Broncos) set another record of 4 touchdowns (16 for the season) in the game they won

We had our leftovers from Saturday for dinner and they were just as good reheated.  It was a PBS night on TV, we watched Last Tango in Halifax with Sir Derek Jacobi and the last episode of Foyle's War.

Neither one of us slept well last night so Monday is going to be a long day!  And tonight we will watch the Saints and Dolphins face off on Monday night football.  Both teams are 4-0 so it should be a good game, which the Saints will win...WOO DAT!

For those readers who don't know, we lived in New Orleans when the Saints were the Aint's!

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