Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Jim worked Sunday and that evening we has some sprinkles and during the night more gentle rain fell upon us.  Not even loud enough to hear in the bedroom.

Monday I got up to overcast skies and drizzly rain. Jim is working today also.  Meanwhile at home I did laundry and baked blueberry mini loaves.  First time trying my new mini loaf pan.  It make 4 little loaves. They turned out well.  The two center ones browned more than the other ones so my baking time has to be tweaked.

Tuesday I was up around 0600 having slept quite well. I've been having trouble sleeping thee past couple of month's.  My back and hips don't seem to like my mattress.  Could be caused by lack of exercise, age, poor posture, etc.  So I've been working on it.  Started walking every day but that hasn't happened lately.  Last week there were two days when we had to be somewhere early, then last Thursday I got bit, not once, but three times on my left foot and couldn't get a shoe on.  Now it's raining...

We left around 1100 for Jacksonville.  My followup appointment was at 1450. It takes about an hour and a half to get there.  The rain had moved off and we followed it to Jacksonville.  By the time we got to the restaurant it was just a fine mist.

Jim found a Japanese restaurant for us to try, Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in the St John's Town Center. We sat at the hibachi grill and enjoyed a lovely lunch.  We both had green tea and miso soup for starters.  Jim ordered steak and shrimp while I ordered just veggies.  Both meals came with fried rice, vegetables and sweet carrots. Everything was tasty and we'd go again.  We both recalled Hayashi's in Mission, Texas where we've shared many a meal with our friends.

After lunch we had time to kill before my appointment so we headed to Barnes and Nobles just across the street.  This shopping center has a lot of restaurants and stores that we're familiar with.  Even a BJ's Brewhouse!

Jim settled in with magazines while I wandered around looking at the new Nook tablets and cookbooks.  I did find a couple magazines to bring home.

My appointment went well and the Doctor thinks I should have my right eye cleared up before new glasses are bought.  He will send that recommendation to the VA and we'll see what they say.

The drive home during rush hour traffic on I-95 was interesting.  Once we got on Highway 207 the traffic was less but we ran into some heavy rain.   All of this activity and rainy weather made for a long day.

Boo was quite happy to see us when we got home around 1830! I got him fed and then showered just relaxing in the warm water.  Then it was Jim's turn.  We each had a warm beverage and some blueberry bread and settled in for the evening watching both NCIS shows.

By 2200 we both were ready for bed and looked forward to sleeping well.  But Boo had other plans....I think he slept all day and wasn't the least bit sleepy so it took awhile for everyone to settle in.

During the night I heard the gentle rain and this morning when I got up at 0700 it was still rainy and drippy outside.  I guess I won't be walking again...

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