Friday, September 27, 2013


Friday I was once again up a 0600.  After a few stretches I enjoyed my coffee while reading and writing blogs.  It was about 70 degrees outside and dark.

Our deck looks good, don't ya think?

The M and M's!  Marigolds and Mum.  Once the buds start opening all three pots should be pretty

While we sat out Thursday enjoying our cold brew we were entertained by the squirrels   This guy arrived with one of the biggest 'nuts' I've ever seen.  Not sure what kind it is but once he discovered the bird feeders he abandoned it.

How's this for fall color?  I'll take it because all to soon nothing will be blooming.

We went for a trike ride this morning...not a long one but it sure felt good and I didn't even break a sweat.

Jim washed the truck and got it tidied up for our trip Saturday to meet up with Sonsearae and Chris.  They're on their way to Orlando to celebrate their anniversary.

I made a pot of minestrone for our dinner. We both sat outside enjoying the lovely weather this afternoon.  I potted up the tomato plant but I need more potting soil before I can continue. The sky started getting cloudy and before long it was overcast.

Don't you know it rained on the clean truck!  Just a piddling shower so it should be easy enough to wipe down in the morning.

After our showers we settled in for an evening of TV.  House Hunters, Star Trek TNG and on Netflix, Inspector Lewis
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