Saturday, October 5, 2013

running around

Jim's days off have been a blur of activity.  He's been working on the honey do list, washing the truck and in between napping and enjoying the birds outside.

Yesterday we did some running around in Palatka.  I needed some potting soil so off we go!  First stop was lunch at Corky Bell's.  We both chose shrimp, his was fried and mine was boiled ( I only ate three and brought the rest home for Jim to enjoy), a baked potato and slaw were our sides.  Of course hushpuppies came with the meal and we washed it down with nice, cold mug of Shock Top

Next stop was Lowe's for the potting soil.  I looked at the plants but nothing jumped in the basket to come home with me.

Verizon was next to see if we could get a screen saver for Jim's new phone.  He ordered and received his Droid Maxx a few days ago and spent the entire afternoon setting it up and playing with the new features.  Alas, no screen saver, apparently it's a new phone design and all the extras aren't in the market yet

Then it was off to explore.  Since we got the State Park Pass we thought we'd check out the local park, Ravine Gardens State Park. We only drove through, stopping to get out once.  It's time of year...I'm sure when spring comes it's quite lovely.  There were only a few people there and I'm sure the locals use it for biking, walking and running.  There are places to picnic and overlooks to view the ravine.  We both agree we need to go back.  Maybe take the trikes and enjoy a short ride.

Back home Jim napped for a bit.  Boo and I just left him be.  Dinner was yellow rice, black beans and sliced green onions.  The rice and beans were leftovers, they go well together.

Watched some TV then Inspector Lewis on Netflix. 

We're both enjoying the cooler weather.  I'm guessing it gets into the upper 80's during the day, but dropping into the upper 60's at night.  The AC isn't running all the time.  Of course this means outside critters are coming in and we're disposing of them as fast as we can.  One of the hazards of sitting still for long periods, the locals want to drop by and stay!