Sunday, October 27, 2013

this week in Welaka

I keep forgetting to mention the mundane...we replaced the batteries in the rig.  First time since we bought it.  By 'we' I mean Jim of course, he does all the heavy, nasty work around here.  Also, our electric hot water heater has stopped working again.  Jim has poked and prodded but so far no luck. Another thing to get repaired!  And the toilet isn't holding water....yuck.

A cold front has settled in the area and we are enjoying Autumn here in Welaka.  Wednesday was the first day we've gone without using the air conditioner all day or night! Last night Jim broke an ear piece off of his glasses and we made a run into Palatka to get them repaired.  All I can recall about the day was how pleasant it was and sitting out having our coffee that afternoon and watching the birds and squirrels.  Struggling through the summer heat was worth it!

Thursday was a shopping day for me. Needed to pick up some groceries and the ingredients for pico to take to the Thursday night pot luck.
Again, it was a lovely day and we had our first campfire of the year 

We're still not fans of this but most everyone sat around and enjoyed the warmth, especially after the sun went down.  Speaking of sundown, Jim and I spent some time on the dock watching the sun sink below the tree level. It was so pleasant sitting there with my honey, watching the calm water and the day fade away.  Not sure why we don't do this more often.  It's a short walk to the river.

Met some new folks at the potluck, a young couple from nearby but she happens to be from Texas.  Once the darkness settled in we headed home and decided that tonight we'd sleep under the duvet!  The forecast was for lows around 47 degrees, perfect for snuggling.

Friday Jim washed the truck and got it clean inside and out for our upcoming date.  I got a much needed haircut and basically we enjoyed the outdoors.  This weather is awesome!  I'm guessing the highs have been in the mid 70's.

We don't care for most of the network TV shows and our evenings are spent watching something on Netflix, playing games on our laptops and catching up on Facebook (for me).

Jim and I had a discussion about our trips into the 'big' cities.  It seems like all we do is schlep for doctor visits and hit stores just because we're in the area.  Oh and we usually have lunch.  This is all good and necessary but we're not 'seeing' anything.  So we're going to have 'dates'!  Not sure how often, but we're going to go somewhere just for fun!
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