Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting up way to early!

Monday I was up around 0530.  I just woke up and could not go back to sleep...does this happen to you?  As I tossed and turned trying to go back to sleep I kept thinking of things to do, the people in my life, writing this blog, Boo....etc

So I just got up.  It's really dark and quiet at that hour of the morning.  But I was treated to an unfamiliar sound, that distinct hoot of an owl.  Sounded quite close

It was a dreary day with more and more rain as the day wore on.  I stripped the bed and laundered the sheets.  Jim was going to work outside but that didn't happen. 

We went to Belle's Bistro in Crescent City for lunch and enjoyed a nice meal.  We both had sandwiches which came with a side and we both chose salads.  Mine was a garden salad and Jim had a pasta salad
After we got home Jim took a nap and I caught up on emails and did some reading.  I also checked my eyelids for light leaks while listening to the rain fall.  It was coming down so hard it reminded me of the gully washers we enjoyed in New Orleans

Just some soup for dinner and our TV was tuned to NCIS.  Kind of anticlimactic after all the hype about Zeva leaving.

This picture is from a year or so ago when we were traveling through the south during fall.  So far I've not seen much difference in our foliage.   It doesn't get that cold here until later in the year. But we do have Rain Trees!
Haven't noticed seeing any since we left New Orleans.  Quite lovely!

Today I've been up since 0445!  Not sure what's going on but I know for a fact I won't be late for my 0815 appointment to have my blood drawn.

What time do you usually get up?  And is Autumn color showing up near you?

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