Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Days

We've been hanging around at home this past week.  Because of the Columbus Day Holiday the cabins were booked until Tuesday so everyone was working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday Jim did a few jobs around the house, ordered some needed 'stuff' and relaxed a bit.

We've been talking about and researching future travel plans.  We're leaving here the middle of March 2014 and we know we're going to Hudson Florida to get a couple windows de-fogged.   If you look on a map you'll see it's north of Tarpon Springs and the Tampa, St Pete area.  So we'll probably hang around that area for awhile because we haven't seen it all!  If you've been to this area we'd love to hear about campgrounds (state parks too) and places to see.  Of course restaurant suggestions are always welcome!

It's after this that we're trying to figure out. Should we continue south and head to Key West?  Who knows when we'll be back this way again and we both want to see and experience Key West.  I was thinking that maybe late spring, early summer, even summer would be cheaper.  And we can stay at the Naval Air Station once we get there.  Would love to hear from you if you've been to Key West.

Also, since we're Texans now it would be good to visit the state....and that could take awhile!  Jim was looking at places to stay for winter 2014-2015.  We both like the Hill Country and we've stayed in Kerrville.  

North Carolina would be fun too.  From the coast to the mountains....decisions, decisions...

Yesterday we drove down to Ocala on a scouting mission. Jim wanted to see Wilderness RV Resort in Silver Springs just east of Ocala on Highway 40.  The trip was roughly 90 miles heading south on Highway 17 and picking up Highway 40 in Barberville.  The drive took us through the Ocala National Forest and over the Ocklawaha and St John's rivers. We passed a sign that told us to watch for bears for 33 miles.  Alas, we did not see any, but we did see a gazillion motorcycles!  Apparently it's Biketoberfest week and they were heading east on Highway 40 for destinations unknown.  

After seeing all those motorcycles it got me to thinking about how they find their bikes among all the other lookalikes in the parking lot?  It's no wonder they get custom paint jobs!

We had lunch at Horse and Hound mostly because the sign intrigued us and they had tables with green umbrellas outside that caught our eyes.  Turns out the pub has good food!

After lunch we drove to downtown Ocala and just a wee bit further east just to get a feel for the area.  Lot's of shopping and eating establishments. Being Saturday there was a farmers market with what looked like ample parking.  Sometimes a venue sounds good but parking our truck can be a problem unless you like to walk.

If we decide to spend some time in this area it looks promising!  We may actually stop at Wilderness RV Park for a couple nights as we travel to Hudson next year.

On the way back home we did stop in at the resort and the kind lady at the office let us in so we could drive around the resort. It's a gated community and I'm guessing it's for security as they're in the woods so to speak and right on the highway.  We liked what we saw.

Back home we settled in with our coffee at 1600, watched a couple movies and had a light dinner.  The rain clouds we saw off and on during the afternoon finally decided to dump some rain on us.  The brief shower didn't last long and it managed to bring the temperature down.

This morning I was up at 0500, don't ask me why!  Just could not go back to sleep. Once the sun decided to come up I couldn't help but notice we had overcast skies and it stayed that way up until 1400 or so.  The sun started peeking out and we have mostly cloudy skies but the temperature finally broke 80

Jim is working today, as am I....stripped the bed and I've been doing laundry.  Roasted some beets too, smells real nice in here.

A lot of our friends are heading south this month.  Be safe as you travel.  Some will be scattered over the Rio Grande Valley, others in the southwest.  Wherever you're spending the winter, enjoy it!  Please keep up your blogs so we can stay in touch.

Hope your weekend has been a good one!

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