Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bentsen Palm RV Resort

We left Victoria shortly after 0900 Tuesday morning. Our drive was around 230 miles so the early start (for us) was necessary. The trip was uneventful and we only made one stop for lunch.

My job when traveling is to spot birds! I saw a lot of red tailed hawks and once we got south of the Corpus Christi area I saw the first Crested Cara Cara of the season. We see them a lot here in the Rio Grand Valley.

When we arrived at Bentsen Palm we had to wait 10-15 to get into our site. No one was in the office and we weren't sure which site to set up in. After we got that all squared away we started setting up for the winter. Most of it was done when our friends started dropping by! First Pat Shearer, she let us know we were a day early and our happy hour party was Wednesday. OK, the fun has begun!

Still working albeit a little slower when Jeni and Don Wilson showed up. Well that put an end to any work as we sat and chatted and drank beer. When they left we made some coffee (no more beer, please!) and drove over to see Ann and Scotty. It's odd not being parked next to them!

We sat and chatted with them until hunger pangs sent us home just before 1900. We still had to take the trikes off the bed! That chore was done and then I re-heated some leftovers for dinner.

Whew! After dinner we showered and relaxed for the evening with both of us just waiting for bedtime because we were just plain tired....

Yesterday I was up just before 0400 for a bathroom break. I went back to bed but couldn't sleep so I got up at 0440! YUCK! I had coffee did a gazillion things on the computer and by this time it was only I ate breakfast. I woke Jim at 0800 and once he was up I started with some laundry and other chores.

Jim headed outside after his coffee and started gathering up all the stuff we left behind in storage. So far we haven't located all we need to set up the screened patio. It will happen, just not today!

We had our dinner at lunch time and after that I did dishes then crashed! Don't know how long I slept but when I got up Jim said he napped for about 45 minutes. We were getting prepared for happy hour later....

The happy hours here include foods that everyone contributes to. I made some spiced walnuts to take. When we arrived there were veggies and dips set out, chicken salad and crackers, M&M's, etc. As more people showed up more food arrived! Oh and the beer was flowing as was some wine and cocktails. I was being good just drinking water.....

After awhile Pat brought out the tequila so those who wanted to could do shots.....well I only had two! That sure warmed my tummy. Around dusk the party broke up and everyone headed home. I hit the shower and Jim followed. We watched some TV and headed to bed at 2200.

I'm happy to say I slept until 0700 this morning!

So we are settling in here and staying tired....I think we're going to dinner tonight at Hayashi's, one of our favorite Japanese grill houses.