Friday, October 7, 2011

needed to mail a package

After doing our routine chores yesterday morning we headed out to find the Post Office in Robertsdale. Turned out to be a simple task! We took some back roads, winding our way among the roads being constructed, taking detours for I-10 (?) and viola! there it was, almost on the corner of hwy 16 and hwy 59.

After that Jim headed south on Hwy 59 with no particular destination in mind. We stopped and a visitor center mostly to see if there were any fairs or festivals going on in the area this weekend. No luck there. We've been to this many times but it's always nice to see something new.

About this time we needed some lunch. We stopped at Peng Garden for a Chinese buffet. Fell off the vegan wagon again by having pork dumplings, chicken spring rolls and wonton soup. But it was sooooo good!

After lunch we pulled into Tanger Outlet Mall (Foley Alabama) to stroll around, the weather was lovely and after our lunch we needed to walk. We both managed to find something to buy!

We checked out the Oakley store for sunglasses and I may be able to get some but first I need an eye exam. I have such a narrow bridge that it's hard for me to find glasses that fit.

We had leftovers from the Japanese restaurant for dinner....