Sunday, October 23, 2011

Victoria, Texas

yesterday after a leisurely start we left Turtle Bayou and headed into Houston until we found hwy 59 and then headed south.

Turtle Bayou is very pretty but the campground itself is in need of some tlc. Great place to stop for a night or two! I thought the roads were a bit narrow and crumbly but Jim didn't have a problem navigating them.

Our drive was an easy one and after a stop around noon for lunch we drove another 100 miles or so until we got off on hwy 185 and stopped at Lazy Longhorn RV park. From what we've seen so far it's a crammed park. By that I mean the sights are close. There is some grass between sites and there are trees. I'll get some pictures posted. Both Turtle Bayou and Lazy Longhorn are Passport America parks so we got the lower rates which helps the budget!

Haven't seen any cactus or Cara Cara's yet, guess we aren't far enough south.

Went to dinner at Guadalajara #9, nice friendly place and the prices were good too.