Monday, October 3, 2011

What A Week!

I shall attempt to start blogging about this past week. It has been busy, fun and emotional.

Last Monday the Bride and Groom arrived mid afternoon. Sonsearae and Chris are getting married on Tuesday right here at Low-Key Hideaway, You see they visited us over the 4th of July holiday and fell in love with the place. Of course the managers Cindy and Pat Bonish are super hosts and have become friends with all of us. Now they are part of our extended family!

As we waited for other members of the wedding party to arrive we had a chance to talk and catch up. Soon we were getting hungry and decided to find dinner! Tony's Restaurant was our choice where we started the trend of ordering more than we can eat! Who knew the side salad was enough to feed two people!? Any way we had a good dinner and took some food home.

As we were leaving Jeff showed up and followed us back to Low-Key Hideaway. We all sat outside enjoying the weather and chatting. Soon Roy and Susan showed up. Roy is Sonsearae's poppa and he officiated at the wedding.

Tuesday morning we all headed out to breakfast at Ken's Diner. I think we all had a good time just discussing the plans and having some down time. I think we had lunch out but truthfully I cannot remember! Chris rented a golf cart and everyone had fun with that.

stay tuned! more to come