Thursday, October 6, 2011


Around 1015 yesterday we left Tallahassee and headed to Robertsdale, Alabama. Hilltop RV Park was our destination and we made it good time arriving around 1330. Of course we're back in Central Time Zone! We made two stops, one after an hour or so to check the new tires on the truck and another for lunch an hour or so later.

We are parked so the sun is on our street side but it will do for a week. There isn't a lot of shade here but there are trees planted for that purpose, just have to wait for them to grow up. I didn't notice it yesterday but this morning I can hear the traffic on I-10. There are 8 TV channels but our new dome satellite dish for Direct TV works just fine! They say they have free wi-fi but we've not been able to get online with it.

Dinner was simple last night, garlic mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, sauteed kale and Jim had some pork loin. Although I'm not completely vegan I'm working on it. I still love seafood! At home it isn't a problem but when we eat out, like our dinner at Osaka Japanese Steakhouse Tuesday night I just have to order shrimp teppan yaki! It was a delicious dinner we shared with Sonsearae and Chris. Each couple could have shared a dinner and still be well fed. We'll probably have our leftovers today for dinner. I'll let Jim eat my shrimp....

Not sure what we'll do while we're here. Jim mentioned going to the USS Alabama as we have done that in a few years. Maybe we can find some kind of fair this weekend.