Thursday, July 17, 2014

We're in Vermont!

New state for both of us!  

After we left York we headed to a campground in Northern Pennsylvania for a two night stay.  Other than taking a drive in the rain to refuel we just stayed home.  We had quick storms each day but the second night ended with a pretty sunset.

Our original plan was another stop for two nights in New York before heading to West Haven, Vermont.....but...we've been having problems with our jacks and we discussed changing plans and heading straight to Anne and Scotty's in West Haven.

Yesterday morning Jim was able to raise the front jacks and he hitched up and we were on the road around 0830.  I cannot remember the last time either of us was ready to head out the door at that hour!  For some folks 230 miles isn't long but we'd rather not do it if we can avoid it.

When Jim tried to use the compressor to air up the tires it didn't work.  So the first part of our journey was slow so as not to overheat this one tire that was low.  We decided to look for a place to air it up.

After winding our way on some curvy, hilly back roads we finally got on the Interstate, again checking for signs of somewhere to air the tire on the rig.  Meanwhile we're driving about 45 miles an hour on the Interstate!  We were pulling into a rest stop to check the tires when I suggested calling our road service and Jim was attempting to do this when I asked this guy that was traveling with three of four trailers filled with cars and motorcycles if he had a compressor.  He Did!  We pulled up next to his cab and took the time to help us out.  He wouldn't take payment so I gave him a hug.

So we were able to continue our trip without the fear of a tire blowing!  That certainly took a load off our shoulders.

Despite this tire issue we made good time and arrived just before 1500.  We pulled into the narrow driveway and to avoid trees Jim pulled over a tad to much on the left and our bike rack/hitch dug in and he couldn't power up the incline to bring the rig onto the property.  He and Scotty tried using boards under the tires but it was a no go.  A neighbor was called to assist but we had to wait for a bit.  So we did what we like to do....drink beer and sit and talk!

After a bit Anne and I started getting dinner ready.  She planned on kabobs so I helped skewering the veggies.  Just as we were ready to start the grill help arrived to power us up the hill!

Whew now we could get set up....but wait!

The slides and jacks would not work!!!  So Jim and Scotty fiddled with whatever was necessary to fix it and like the brilliant man he is Scotty came to the rescue.  Soon we heard jacks being lowered, Jim got the truck unhitched and then they worked some more and the slides came out.  
Anne and I set the table outside, started cooking and soon we all sat down to a lovely dinner and more great conversation.

It was after sunset when we finally called an end to our day.  Jim and I did the basics for setting up and showered.  The best part for me?  Taking my shoes off!  I think I had them on roughly 12 hours.

We watched Tiny House Nation and then went to bed.

We'll stay here until the end of October or so.  When they leave we'll leave.  So I guess you could say we're home for awhile.


  1. It is going to be fun for all of you.

    1. it's great being here Amy...but Anne is wearing me out!

  2. Wearing you out? You've only been here 2 full days. You're out of practice. ;-)

    1. true miss Anne...just been schlepping around with Jim and he tires out early in the day :-)


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