Sunday, July 13, 2014

A little bit of this and that

Last Friday after we left the Landis Valley Farm and Museum we drove into downtown Lancaster so I could go to the Central Market, the oldest Farmers Market in the country.  But that didn't happen...traffic was bumper to bumper and there wasn't any space to park our big, black beastie.  If we hadn't already been tired from trekking all over the grounds in Landis we might have searched for a spot further away and walked back.  I guess we'll just have to come back and explore more of this area.

We also had plans to stop for some groceries, but that didn't happen either.  Half way home we both agreed to skip it.  We could do it Saturday when we take Boo for his grooming.

Saturday we had a lazy morning and after Jim picked up some propane we headed out around 1130 for Boo's appointment at noon at Petco.  After dropping him off we drove around looking for a place to have lunch.  We ended up at Hoss's Steak and Sea House.  You order at the register and your meal and drink are delivered to your table.  Meanwhile you can help yourself to the salad bar.  And we did.  Nice big salad for both of us.  I think we could have stopped at that.   We both ordered stuffed roasted chicken (full breast) with mashed potatoes and gravy.  Well I only had a few bites of chicken and Jim finished my serving.  We split the stuffing and ate our potatoes.  We brought one home and Jim can have it for dinner.  Jim also had some soft serve ice cream and I had half a cup of soup just to taste it.

We left stuffed!  But it was soooooo goooood!

From there we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a cartridge for our soda machine.  Walking around helped with our groaning bellies.  So we continued with Pier One for me and Dick's Sporting Goods for Jim.  

I can't remember the last time I wandered around in Pier One.  Did you know they sell jewelry now?  It's just as colorful as everything else in the store!  I got to talking to one of the sales ladies, Julie and she said she wants to RV!  I gave her one of my cards so I hope she's reading.  Hi Julie!

Jim found me talking to Julie so we said goodbye and we both headed to Best Buy but once inside we got the call to come pick up Boo.

Once again we skipped the groceries...Boo always get stressed being poked and prodded during his grooming so we just went home

Here he is recuperating and he sure looks better

Neither one of got hungry until after 1800...I just had some soup and Jim had peanut butter and crackers

Today was the day for groceries!  Jim dropped me off while he went and fueled up the truck ($3.89 a gal).  Now we're all set to travel tomorrow.

Tonight we'll watch a couple shows on PBS

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