Wednesday, July 9, 2014


My Tuesday was filled with laundry.  

Not a difficult task but one that needed to be done.  We stayed home and I stripped the bed and we have clean sheets again.  Plus I managed to do a couple loads in an attempt to catch up!  I love my washer and allows me to stay home instead of schlepping.

I pulled some red beans from the freezer and for dinner we had red beans and rice.  Do you freeze meals for later use?  It sure came in handy today, I didn't have to cook.

Jim walked Boo a couple times and I went along once.  Boo sure likes the asphalt road here.

This RV park recycles aluminium, glass and  plastic.  I think this is great!  More and more we're seeing this in our travels.  Americans are consumers and we need to find alternative uses for our trash.  Recycling is a good thing!

Not sure if it's like this all the time but as the day goes by our wind picks up.  By late afternoon we have to put the awning up. Last night before sundown we had a blustery storm roll through, even lost the satellite feed.  Not much of a storm, it was over in thirty minutes or so.  We even managed a pretty sunset.

At my request Jim did the dinner dishes while I enjoyed a glass of raspberry port.  

Have you ever seen the show Buying Alaska?  Not sure about living there but the show does capture the beauty of the state.

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