Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekend

We're settling and sort of getting into our routines.  We had plans to go out Saturday for a round of shopping the farmers market, lunch out, grocery store etc.  But Jim has been dealing with an infection in his gums and Saturday was a day at home for him.  He spent most of it in bed just dealing with the pain.  Anne and I did go to Rutland for shopping, stopping in Michaels and the grocery store.  I'm pleased to say that a lot of the foods I prefer to consume can be bought at Hannafords

The weather has been wonderful!  I think we had the AC on the first night here but haven't used it since then.  It's cool enough at night to run an exhaust fan with a window open.  I've even been hanging laundry outside!

Our guys enjoying some down time

Sunday Jim was much improved and ready to do something....anything!  The guys were busy with a project that took most of the day, again spoiling plans to head to a farmers market!  No matter, once they were done they enjoyed a cold beer while Anne and I had coffee, then we all piled into the car and headed out to dinner at the Wheel Inn in Bensen.  I know I ate to much but it was very tasty!  The guys pretty much cleaned up their plates while Anne brought home most of hers

After dinner we went for a drive while our beautiful tour guide pointed out places of interest.  Then one more stop for some ice cream (not me!)

We were back home in time for us to shower and watch Endeavour on PBS

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