Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

It seems like the blogging world is doing a review of the past twelve months.  We've been here for a year, end of review!

Welaka is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and if you crave excitement you will have to create it or go out and find it.  This place is peaceful and we've both enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.

We have enjoyed many outings and renewed our love affair with St Augustine.  We both love that city and find something new every time we visit.  

We've discovered new places like Deland that needs more exploration.  It's a beautiful university town.

Flagler Beach is an old Florida town with no high rises on the beach.  You have the ocean on one side of the road with houses and businesses on the other side.  Sitting on the upper deck of a restaurant looking out over the Atlantic ocean is pure bliss!

Highway 13 that runs along the St John's river north to Jacksonville is a beautiful drive.  Farmland, new houses, old houses, waterfront homes to die for and more modest digs that suit us.

As with any long stay in one spot, we've gotten comfortable here, but we're ready to move on.  Just 74 more days and the adventure begins again...hopefully my wash machine will be fixed before we leave!

Happy New Year