Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The past week

For the past week we've enjoyed lovely weather while we watched the cold front move across our country.  Each day saw our highs go from mid 70's to mid 80's and it was wonderful!

Last Tuesday we finally broke down and took Boo in for a grooming.  I really wanted him to be free from his allergies and itching....but the poor critter was suffering and all that hair couldn't be helping.  While he was there we picked up some temaril to put an end to his scratching and our suffering.

Wednesday Jim worked all day and I made a pot of minestrone.  I can eat soup year round, doesn't matter to me if it's hot or cold outside.

Thursday, while Jim worked, I finally got a much needed 'grooming' too!  LOL  I hate spending the money but I prefer short hair.  Also made a grocery run and picked up some goodies for the Thursday pizza/potluck.  I think the high was around 82 and sitting out as the sun went down enjoying everyone's company at the gathering was very pleasant!

Friday was sunny and it was 73 by 0930 so we knew it was going to be another perfect day.  Meanwhile that cold front is making it's way across the country delivering sub zero temperatures in the north and snow almost everywhere!

The washing machine isn't working again.  Now it won't agitate or spin....Jim put in a call and it won't be until Wednesday before they can come out.  Jim emptied the black tank

We're expecting John and Kathy today.  They are newly retired and this is their first 'snowbird' season.  I made some beef stew to welcome them.  Jim has been looking forward to this visit from his brother John.  

Around 1600 everyday we have coffee and we were going to sit out and wait for them but they arrived while we were making our coffee! 

 Once Jim and Dan told John how to park their rig we finally got to say hello....Kathy joined me while Jim helped get John hooked up.  In no time at all they were ready to relax.

Dinner was a long drawn out fun fest!  I made biscuits to go with the stew and the guys managed to drink a bottle of wine!  After dinner was over the discussions continued.

Saturday turned out to be a busy day.  The guys did man things while we ladies went to Walmart.  They've been traveling for two weeks and needed supplies.

We ended up on the dock for sunset and it turned out to be a beautiful one

During the day there was a Toys for Tots boat parade and they stopped here for lunch and there was still a crowd there, drinking and eating

They forced Jim, John and Kathy to take some Low Country boil home with them.  As you can see Jim didn't have a hard time accepting! 

Sunday was my birthday!  I'm now 66 years young.  For this occasion the four of us drove to Lake City for a cookout.

Not sure what point she's expressing but her hands were a blur of activity

John, Jim and Chris were probably discussing the fine art of grilling.  

From left to right...Jim, Sonsearae, Chris, Kathy, John and Bobby (Chris's son)

We had BBQ chicken, steaks, veggie kabobs, cabbage salad, fruit salad, rolls and for dessert we had ice cream and German Chocolate cupcakes!   all of it was yummy.  Well worth the two hour drive to celebrate with family.

We didn't stay overlong because of the drive and the need to be home in time to watch the New Orleans Saints beat the Panthers!  Of course they have to play them again in two weeks and I sure hope the Saints can do it again.

Monday Jim worked and I did some cleaning and laundry.  John and Kathy came over for dinner.  We finished up the beef stew and had brownies, fruit salad and cupcakes for dessert.

Today while John and Kathy went to the beach we stayed home tending to household chores.  Jim had to pull the belly pan off the front of the rig, we have a water leak but can't find where it's coming from.  The insulation was all wet and moldy.

Jim skipped breakfast so we had a spaghetti and meatball lunch.  Made some garlic bread too.  After lunch we watched Skyfall on Amazon Prime.

Update on Boo, his meds are working but right now he's only getting half the dose and during the night he did some scratching.  I've checked and no fleas to be found...

Again we've had a pleasant day but it clouded up and we had a rain shower around 1500.  I guess that cold front is finally finding Florida!

 95 days

  • 8,219,233 seconds
  • 136,987 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2283 hours (rounded down)
  • 95 days (rounded down)
  • 13 weeks (rounded down)
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