Thursday, December 12, 2013

This, That and the Other

Tuesday: John and Kathy went to the beach!  Good thing because by the time they got home the clouds had moved in and the gentle rain we call liquid sunshine had started to fall.

While they were off enjoying their date we stayed home and just did chores.  As I said Jim pulled the belly pan and discovered the moldy, wet insulation. I just putzed around the house.

Still need to get my Christmas tree out.  Do you decorate for Christmas?  Not a lot you can do when you live in an RV. Everything needs to be small

I forgot to mention the gifts I received for my birthday. Often when we sit out to watch the birds the squirrels invade and I've mentioned if I had a slingshot I could chase them away.  Well Jim got me a sling shot!  Nice one with a green handle.  Sonsearae and Chris sent me a huge box of Godiva Chocolates and if I eat one bite a day I can make it last a long time!  Kathy and John gave me a cute card and a poinsettia.  When we went to the party, Sonsearae had another present for me, A Flowering Numi Tea set....Quite fun to watch as the flower opens up and of course the tea is yummy. There was also a card with a set of Harry Potter stamps!  HP stamps....great stocking stuffer for fans  :-)

Wednesday we had to hang around and wait for the repairman to come an fix the wash machine.  So we played games on the computers, read all our emails, read blogs, did chores inside and outside and twiddled our thumbs.  Finally the call came and the repairman showed up after 1400 and he fixed it!  the diagnostic run was agitated and spun and sounded perfect....but after he left the same laundry in the machine with soap wouldn't agitate properly and the clothes wrapped themselves around the spindle and of course it couldn't spin....So before 1700 Jim called them back and another repair company will come out Thursday to check it out.

I did get my little tree out and it's set up.  Even took a picture of it so keep checking back to see when I post it!  I had forgotten about the Snowman container that Pat gave us a few years back.  He's sitting on a shelf and I should find something to put in his tummy...She gave it to us with M&M's I think...I'll try to remember to get a picture and post it.

Even though our weather is cooler the temperature managed to get in the mid 70's Wednesday and with sunshine that's pretty nice! Of course at night we're dipping into the 50's but we like that for sleeping.

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