Friday, December 6, 2013

Help! I'm falling behind again!

It's those darn games I play...they're addictive!  Well that's my excuse and I'm sure it's part of my problem  :-)

Black Friday...I've always hated that term, I understand it means businesses are out of the red due to the sales that day.  But now it's just a day for us to avoid the stores.  There is nothing, I repeat nothing I need that badly that I'd go shopping on this day.  I value my safety and sanity to much!

We're still having problems getting onto Facebook.  Everyone in the resort is having this problem.  According to Jim the office (which has separate internet) doesn't have this problem. Oh well, I guess it means I spend to much time on Facebook.

Our water was off for a couple hours this day, apparently there was a leak that needed fixing.  Then it was time to do laundry.  Jim cleaned off the roof, being under a tree he keeps an eye on this.  He also emptied the black tank and raked the yard.  We both took Boo for a walk.

Our neighbor brought home enough logs to build a four foot fence behind our house!  Dan's truck bed was full and I sure hope he didn't have to load it because he had to unload it all by himself.

On Saturday wasn't as chilly, I guess the front is moving on.  
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Sunday came and went, Jim worked.  Football games were just so-so.  Nothing we cared about

On Monday I was up at 0330! I just could not sleep.  Did some reading and of course game playing.  When it did lighten up with daybreak it was mostly cloudy.

I stripped the bed and got everything washed and back on, but it took all day!  Mostly by choice as I just kept putting it off.

The Saints did not do well against the Seahawks and we went to bed at halftime.

We've been enjoying cooler nights and sleeping under the duvet.  We both sleep much better!  But the nights have to be chilly...55 or below.  If not we have to run the AC to make it cool enough.  Do you have favorite blankets or quilts?

99 days <<< woo hoo

  • 8,587,448 seconds
  • 143,124 minutes (rounded down)
  • 2385 hours (rounded down)
  • 99 days (rounded down)
  • 14 weeks (rounded down)

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