Monday, December 2, 2013

Wednesday was a Busy Day!

Last Wednesday was a very busy day!  We don't usually have so much going on.  But sometimes you just can't help it.

I had a 1030 appointment at the VA.  Just a normal 'how ya doin' kind of thing.  The repairman was due to come after 0800 and before 1600 kind of thing.

I did a load of laundry, getting that out of the way. Jim didn't want to burden me with pumping fuel so he went and put some diesel in the truck. After breakfast I dressed and made the bed. Not sure if I folded the laundry before I left but it gone done sometime during the day!

Since the VA wants you there thirty minutes before your appointment I left around 0930 and headed to Palatka.  It's about a twenty five minute drive through town to the west side.

After I left Jim took care of getting the washer disconnected and unmounted from the slide mechanism so the repairman could work on it.  I don't recall doing dishes so he probably washed and dried the breakfast dishes.

After waiting nearly forty minutes I finally saw the nurse and doctor and fifteen minutes later I was done.  While sitting in the waiting area I shared the space with several men.  Only one bothered to take his cap off.  I guess I'm old school when it comes to former military and men in general. I think they should remove their hats when inside.  Used to be you never wore a hat inside, now everyone does.

When I left I headed to Publix for a few grocery items.  I can get a few items there that can't be found in Winn-Dixie.  I had my coupons ready and headed down the isles I needed.  Thirty minutes later I was heading home.

I pulled into the resort and what a sight to see!  There's my wash machine on the deck...and a man laying there working on it.  Mind you, it's a bit chilly outside but he said he didn't mind. Jim carried my purchases inside and I put it away.  I was hungry and grabbed a bite to eat as did Jim, I think we both had a peanut butter sandwich.

It wasn't long afterwards when the job was done and Jim helped bring the machine back inside.  They hooked it up and ran a cycle.  Works like a charm!  Since it was still under warranty there was no charge, just papers to sign.

Once the washer was firmly bolted onto the slider I started doing laundry and Jim remembered to check his clothes for something to wear for Thanksgiving dinner.  Good thing!  In this lifestyle we don't get dressed up very often.  Jim had a pair of dress slacks that no longer fit.  He has plenty of nice shirts but we thought it would be nice if he wore a tie.  OK, he has a long sleeve shirt (think cold weather) but needs a pair of trousers. we go to JC Penny's at the fabulous Palatka Mall.  Same place the VA is located!  They had what I'm guessing is their summer, light weight slacks on sale.  He tried on a couple and we went home with two pair, charcoal and black.  Also some new socks.  About this time I mentioned I was hungry and apparently he was too because he drove to Popeye's where we indulged in some yummy fast food.  I know I shouldn't but I really lack willpower sometimes!

Back home I continued with the laundry because the bin was full and tomorrow we won't be home.

Because we had a freeze warning we gathered up the plants I wanted to protect and got them covered.  I'm sure we had some dinner, but I didn't cook it.  Probably soup or leftovers.

Thanksgiving Day!  

We had to leave around 1100 to drive over to Ponte Vedra to join Sonsearae and Chris at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse <<

We both took our time getting ready and we should have taken a picture because we both looked so nice!  It was chilly so we took jackets, a cooler bag for leftovers and a bag off goodies for them.  Sonsearae and I always exchange a bag of goodies...magazines, dishes, food, silverware...

We arrived first for our 1300 seating but they arrived just as we got our drinks in the bar.  Not to long afterwards we were seated and had a wonderful dinner that took us about two hours to consume.  Three of us had a traditional turkey dinner which included a starter of gumbo for Jim and I, while Chris chose the house salad, plus turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce.  We had a choice of sides and I got green beans, Jim had sweet potato casserole and Chris got mashed potatoes.  Sonsearae opted for crab cakes with a sliced tomato salad and au gratin potatoes.  The turkey dinner also came with a dessert of pumpkin cheesecake and ice cream.  Sonsearae got a chocolate coffee drink that was wonderful!

I did not finish all of my turkey (three slices!) and there were other bits of leftovers that our waitress packed up.  As we were finishing up and waiting for our check our waitress came out with our leftovers!  Apparently everyone who had the turkey dinner got some to take home.  A little turkey, dressing and green beans plus small containers of gravy and cranberry sauce.  Except for one leftover container Jim and I got to take everything home with us!

It was a wonderful dinner and it was my first time dining at this establishment.  Except for the cost we could do it often!  Great food and wonderful service.

When we left both couples headed south on A1A to St Augustine to walk off that fabulous dinner and see the sights.  Chris and Sonsearae had never been to the Castillo de San Marcos so we treated them to a tour. :-)

Man was it cold!  It's located on the water, the wind was blowing and the stone structure made for a chilly exploration.  While peeking into the jail cell I found it to be the warmest place!  Hot air was pouring of the only window in the door.  We then walked over to the old city and got tickets for the train ride to see the Christmas lights. Thanks Sonsearae and Chris for treating us to this ride. 

We still had an hour or so kill and since we were chilled we stopped and got some caffeine to warm us.  Three of us had coffee while Chris chose a coke.  We then wandered over to Ripley's where the train ride embarks from.  Since it was so chilly and it would be a long walk back to the vehicles after the ride and it would be dark and colder we convinced the guys to walk back to the Castillo and get said vehicles!  Which turned out to be a great idea because we were all very cold from riding in the open train.

The ride was fun!  They handed out some HoloSpex viewers to each rider.  These are like the 3d glasses you get at the movies.  It turned the lights, any light into gingerbread men!  St Augustine is pretty all lit up but we all agreed that more color should have been used.

Once the train ride ended we shared hugs and headed home.  They had to drive to Lake City while we drove to Welaka.  This time they had the longer drive.  

It was a wonderful afternoon and it didn't  involve football!

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