Friday, May 11, 2012

moving day

wildflowers on the side of the road
We left Galveston Bay RV Resort around 0930 yesterday and almost immediately we had to stop....the rig was braking right.  I guess the plug came out.  But at least I had some pretty flowers to look at!

We took Hwy 146 along the coast and crossed this bridge at Baytown. From a distance it looks golden and up close you can see the wires are indeed yellow.
Finally connected with I-10 and just headed east stopping for lunch before heading into Louisiana on Hwy 12.  Louisiana roads are just awful!  Lots of bouncing around before we finally made it to Kinder and the Riverbend RV Park.  Linda and Howard Payne stayed here so we thought it worth checking out.  Counting us there are three rigs here but only two have occupants


nobody home....
We met the owners and after we set up we sat with a cold beer enjoying the outdoors.  We can't get satellite tv, so for three nights we have to entertain ourselves....I think we can handle it.  Another problem we have is the water pressure, it seems to be very high!  We did enjoy our showers with the water coming out like needles....can't remember the last time I experienced that sensation.  As a precaution Jim disconnected the water before we went to bed last night.

Not sure who's wifi we used last night but it was gone this morning so we're using our phones to access the internet.

This morning we awoke to the sound of a light rain which continued until after our lunch.  We left around noon and headed into Kinder for some lunch and to run errands.  By the time we finished lunch the rain had stopped.

There you have it, we're on the move again, so stay tuned!
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