Monday, May 28, 2012


We left Pensacola Saturday morning and I think both of us would like to go back to Oak Grove Park.  I think I mentions before that the park had close sites and it was a typical Florida campground with Oaks, Pines and scrub.  But the closeness to the beach area was heaven.  Its like having your own private beach, no crowds!

Our drive over was an easy, but boring one on I-10.  We made one stop for lunch and passing into the Eastern  Time zone we arrived around 1500.  When I put out our front slide I noticed we had a gargoyle!  Hope y'all aren't squeamish....

As we were setting up in Tallahassee RV Park Sonsearae and Chris came by to keep us company.  From that point on we only did what was necessary as we both had to clean up to go out to dinner.  Our destination was Osaka where they have Sushi and Hibachi.  Randy and Maggie, friends of Chris and Sonsearae joined us and we were treated to a  wonderful dinner.  We were invited to go see Men in Black with them but declined.  Stuffed and tired they dropped us off at home.  Around 2130 we just couldn't stay awake so off to bed to get some much needed rest!

I slept until 0700!  And Jim got up around 0800.  I'd hate to think we're turning into old people who require hours and hours of sleep!  It had to be the drive that made us so tired, that and the good food and drink!  

We both had breakfast and did some chores then it was off to visit with Sonsearae and Chris.  While the guys watched a movie we ladies went grocery shopping, something we both love to do!  Earth Fare is a nice size health food store and I could shop there always for our food.  I think Sonsearae does!  Anyway, we strolled the aisles and picked up what we needed then headed home to cook.

We had been invited to a cook out and although we were told not to bring anything we did.  As it turned out we didn't need to Rick and Karen had a large spread of food for the six of us.  Vegan and non vegan burgers were grilled and we had several salads to choose from and two desserts.  We had a good time meeting this couple (Chris's boss) and getting to know them.  Rick is a retired Marine so he and Jim had plenty to talk about.  I think Chris felt left out!  We ladies had more than enough to talk about too!

We left around 2000 and truthfully we didn't know it was that late.  Back home we showered, entertained Boo and relaxed.  Soon we had droopy eyelids and headed to bed!

So there you have it....not sure what we're doing today.  Tropical Storm Beryl came ashore last night and although we have mostly cloudy skies it's not raining

Please remember what this day is about.  Memorial Day is for remembering those who have fought for our freedoms.  Some gave their all